You Can't Close the Gap in Your Spiritual Journey If...

God wants us to close the gap in our spiritual journey by knowing Him intimately and following Him completely. You can't close the gap if you think you can do it alone and isolated from others, if you think right doctrine and right living are enough and if you keep the streams of living water all to yourself.


  • Dive In! Deepen Your Walk With God

    When we allow God to do His work in us we mature in our faith. As we grow from being spiritual infants to spiritual parents we submit to God’s process of brokenness, obedience and communion with our Heavenly Father. The result is an increasingly intimate relationship with God and others.
  • Creating a Multi-Generational Church: The Roger Barrier Story

    Pastor Glenn Barteau preaches on Roger Barrier's ministry over the past 35 years. Get a look at the godly values that have helped shape Casas Church to become an enduring multigenerational church and see the tribute video that tells Roger's story. Help your church prepare for the future and stay the course! For Roger Barrier's tribute video ...more
  • Healing a Wounded Church

    Every Christian will eventually be wounded in church. How do we heal? By recognizing Satan's schemes, facing issues with honesty, comfort, forgiveness and love.
  • Victory in Spiritual Warfare

    Satan’s objective is to block us from closing the gap to the abundant life God intends for us to enjoy. Satan steals us from intimacy with God by keeping us locked in the past of our hurt, anger, bitterness and guilt or bound in the future of our worry, fear and anxiety. In God's five-part plan we can resist Satan proactively and wear God’s armor ...more
  • Abundant Living

    The key to abundant living is to abide in Christ, to drink of His “living water.” Many see life filled with scarcity, stagnation and misery instead of a life with Jesus marked by abundance, transformation and joy. Joy comes from mourning and comforting our hurts, trusting God with our future and living in the present.
  • Spiritual Maturity is Not Simply Legalism

    True spirituality results from an intimate relationship with God, not a set of rules. We don't bear fruit being religious laborers whose lives are defined by works. Our beliefs and behaviors are simply the skeleton upon which loving relationships hang, made possible by our connectedness with Jesus.
  • No One Can Do It Alone

    Closing the gap in our spiritual lives means moving from where we are to where God longs for us to be -- experiencing the abundant life. It is possible to know the scriptures and miss the life -- an intimate relationship with Christ and a genuine relationship with His bride, the church. We can’t close the gap alone and isolated from others. Even ...more