4 Bible Keys to Revival and 4 Bible Prayers to Pray Richard Blakaby

1. Returning to God Spiritual awakening involves returning to God. When God seems distant from us, it is never God who has departed from the relationship. God urged His people through the prophet Malachi: “. . . Return to Me, and I will return to you” (Mal. 3:7). Throughout the historic accounts ...more

Why Should the Transfiguration Be Important to You? Tom Terry

Have you ever considered the significance of the appearing of Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration and what it might mean for your life? It may be obvious to some that Moses represented the giving of the Law (Torah) and Elijah represented the giving of prophets to proclaim God’s word. ...more

Where Were You on 9/11? Brie Barrier Wetherbee

Where were you on 9/11? 18 years ago today, I was in a classroom at Dallas Theological Seminary, listening to an early morning lecture on the book of Revelation. Another student threw open the doors and ran to our professor. He fell to his knees, head bowed, while the student told us about the ...more

Psalm 23: A Prayer for Those Who Guard Us Chris Biggers

How do we pray for our protectors? Over 1.3 million U.S. military members currently deployed to Afghanistan and other contingencies around the globe. Each of these has mothers and fathers they have left behind. A great many have wives or husbands and children who remain at home. We, yes, I am one, ...more

Can Your Soul Survive Social Media? Russell Moore

I sometimes post pictures on Instagram of books that I’m reading, usually just a stack on my table to let my followers know what I’m thinking about at the moment. The stack is almost always very heavily redacted. It’s not (necessarily) a list of recommendations, but a real-time rundown of what I’m ...more

Why Our Transparency is So Powerful Deb Waterbury

My youngest son, Miles, and I have a unique mother/son relationship.  We most definitely relate on a familial level, but also he appreciates my counsel.  As a minister, much of what I do for women is counsel, but rarely does a parent experience that sort of relationship with her child. Miles, on the ...more

Heralding True Heroes: a 9/11 Tribute Craig Lounsbrough

History has pivoted on ordinary people who when faced with extraordinary circumstances drew on some deeply submerged essence of their humanity and were, in those most harrowing of moments, transformed into extraordinary people.  There are those who held themselves of no accord who stood in harm’s ...more

Leaders: Five Keys to a Good Apology Carey Nieuwhof

You probably have a love/hate relationship with apologies. You appreciate it deeply when others apologize to you. But you find it difficult to apologize to others. And let me guess, when you do apologize, you’re tempted to explain, justify or defend your actions. Which is not really an apology ...more

Why is Jesus Called the Lamb of God? Jan Shrader

I don’t believe in accidents.  But, sometimes things happen that I didn’t plan, like the time Gary and I ended up on an all-Jewish bus tour of Israel.  When Gary retired from pastoring, our home church gave Gary a travel voucher as a retirement gift.  After praying and researching our ...more

Process Your Depression and Loss God's Way Neil Anderson

One critical key to overcoming depression is to process your losses. A loss can be real, threatened or imagined, which is often a negative thought or lie that is believed. Either one can precipitate a depression. How we respond to any loss or crisis will determine how fast we recover. The following ...more