Are You Playing the "If Only" Game? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

I remember talking years ago with a young mother who had a two-year-old child and one-year-old twins. She said with a sigh, “I was never an impatient person—until I had these twins!” This lady believed what most of us have believed at one time or another—that we are the way we are because of our ...more

Why You Need to "Cut and Bleed" the Bible Tommy Nelson

The Bismark was the pride and terror of the German Navy in WWII.  It could outrun and outgun anything in the English Navy.  But when being pursued by the British on May 27, 1941 the Bismark began to sail erratically and then headed back into the British ships who sunk it.  What happened to render ...more

Paul's Advice: When to Unify and When to Separate Tom Terry

If there is one topic or theme that prevails throughout the book of I Corinthians it is unity. I Corinthians deals with many significant and difficult issues including leadership, wisdom, spiritual growth, marriage and divorce, spiritual gifts, love, and the resurrection of the body. But one of the ...more

Why I Am a Better Pastor for You than Big-Name Preachers John Beeson

Pastor John Beeson describes why a local pastor and a local congregation is key to your spiritual growth and well-being: "You have access to the best pastors in America. You have at your fingertips access to a trove of virtually endless content by some of the wisest and most powerful thinkers and ...more

Does the Bible Contradict Itself? John Beeson begins its post on Biblical Contradictions[i] with this statement: “It is a central dogma of all fundamental Christians that the Bible is without error. They teach this conclusion by “reasoning” that god cannot be the author of false meaning and he cannot lie. Is this true? If written ...more

Why Don't Single Men Go to Church? David Murrow

The way we raised boys in the faith 20 years ago eliminated many of the men Christian women would love to date today. Ladies, I feel your pain. The dating scene in the church is grim. Christian colleges are becoming convents. Churches all over the world report a shortage of men in the pews – and ...more

Beware the Church Mafia: 4 Ruling Families Jon Acuff

I want to go out on a limb, I want to expose the secret society that has long held sway over churches around the world. I want to talk about the Church Mafia. The Church Mafia is a loosely constructed, by tightly wound, syndicate of four ruling families. Modeled after the Italian Mob of the early ...more

Here's a God-Centered Grandparent's Guide! Deborah Haddix

Affirming our grandchildren – it’s key: to building strong relationships, to discipleship, to passing the faith. Our words are powerful. When handled well, they can build up, encourage, communicate love, and convey value to our grandchildren. On the other hand, our disregard in the use of our ...more

How to Be SURE God Will Answer Your Prayer! John Piper

John Piper teaches a powerful lesson on God's conditions for answering your prayers. Here's how to pray more powerfully! "God never ignores his children. He is never too busy. Never lacking in resources. Never confused. Never ill-disposed. He is always attentive. Always gracious. Always eager. ...more

Don't Fear the Teenage Years! Russell Moore

Parents of teenagers: are you excited or panicked about your kids? Dr. Russell Moore pens words of encouragement for you today! "I noticed in my social media archive app that one year ago I had posted on Twitter the following words: “Parents of small children, don’t let people fill you with dread ...more