How to Manage Your Emotions Randy Carlson

Our emotional lives are driven by what we think. There is plenty of scripture instructing us how to think –taking captive every thought out of obedience to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Many times in scripture, we are reminded our head has to be in alignment with God’s intentions for our lives. If ...more

Carol of the Bells Julie Barrier

ARRANGED BY RICHARD MUENCKLER AND JULIE BARRIER I first met Richard Muenckler, my daughter Bronwyn's husband, when he played drums for our church services. Our daughter Bronwyn played the trumpet. It was a perfect match! Enjoy two of our favorite Christmas melodies: Carol of the Bells and We Three ...more

O Come, O Come Emmanuel Julie Barrier

PIANO: JULIE BARRIER O Come, O Come Emmanuel is my favorite Christmas carol to arrange and perform. I love to begin Advent by playing this beautiful song every night, reminding me that God is always with me. Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23. Matthew quotes Isaiah virtually verbatim—“Behold, a virgin ...more

Mary, Did You Know? Julie Barrier

SOLOIST: BRAD WETHERBEE President, Preach It, Teach It This plaintive song is probably one of the most powerful, passionate Christmas songs ever written. Singer-Composer Mark Lowry started to think about what he would like to ask Mary if she was sitting right in front of him. He wondered how she ...more

6 Tips on How to Manage Holiday Stress Deborah Haddix

It’s that time of year. Okay, truth be told, I don’ think the time of year makes any difference. Seems we all face major stress every day, all year long. But this time of year, all the shopping, planning, cooking, baking, parties, programs, and other holiday “joys” do tend to magnify our stress and ...more

What Happens If You Fail Again? Jeff Elkins

My first college class was Music Theory. It started at eight in the morning every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Dr. Lia was the professor. His daily uniform consisted of thick black glasses, a striped tie, and a gray sweater-vest. On the first day of class, I remember him storming into the room, ...more

Road Rage, Anger and Retaliation! John Beeson

How do you handle anger? I drive a little manual 2005 Scion xB that just eclipsed 195,000 miles. I love that little car. It’s fuel-efficient and requires minimal maintenance. And it’s close to the least powerful car on the road. I’m pretty sure on its specs next to 0-60mph it says, “Eventually!”  ...more

Don't Be Afraid of Abandonment Lisa Bevere

Do all men leave? For the first ten years of my marriage, I struggled with the fear of abandonment. My father and my first pastor had both left their wives for younger women. Because of what I had experienced, I allowed fearful thoughts to linger unchecked in my mind. They didn’t yell; they ...more

Understand Christmas? Understand Hanukkah! Julia Blum

The Festival of Lights For many people in the diaspora – both Jews celebrating Hanukkah and Gentiles observing this celebration – Hanukkah is all about dreidels and latkes. However, if you happen to be in Israel during Hanukkah, go to a children’s party in a kindergarten or elementary school. You ...more

10 Ways Materialism Steals Our Joy Randy Alcorn

God created us to love people and use things, but materialists love things and use people. Materialism drives not just the “bad apples” of society; it drives “the best and the brightest,” those from the finest homes and schools, those who become government and business leaders, physicians, and ...more