Bible Studies

Abraham and Sarah in Egypt Julia Blum

Did Abraham and Sarah follow God's leading?  We can know the answer through the four lenses of Scripture interpretation. Unlock this mystery through the study of the literal meaning, the comparative meaning, the symbolic meaning and the spiritual implications. Such an intriguing story!

The Life of Rebekah Julia Blum

This fascinating Bible study by Dr. Julia Blum combines the Hebrew text and Jewish history to reveal brand new insights into the story of Isaac and Rebekah. Take a look. It will change your life.

30-Day Mom Challenge Erin Davis

Are you in serious need of a makeover? Not the kind that refers to your “Mom jeans” or your hair color. I’m talking about a makeover of your heart. Sign up for this 30-Day Mom Challenge and you’ll receive one email each day for the next thirty days, tailor made to encourage you through the demands... more

The Blood, the Cross and the Resurrection by Roger Barrier Roger Barrier

These sermons are created as Bible studies for those who seek to take a deeper look at the implications of Easter week. Christ's suffering, His blood, His crucifixion, His death and resurrection change who we are and how we live. Pastors can preach these studies. Bible students can teach them or... more

28 Days of Intentional Prayer Randy Carlson

Prayer is simply communication with God. It helps you become whole and complete as you get to know God personally. Bible teacher, Charles Stanley, once said, “The power of prayer can never be overestimated because of the omnipotent God who hears and answers.” We trust 28 Days to More Intentional... more

How to Pray for Your Child Neil Anderson

This comprehensive study provides Scripture and printed prayers that cover significant issues in the life of your child. This guide contains prayers of dedication, salvation, protection, bedtime and daily life. Unique prayers include prayers for adopted children, oppressed children and rebellious... more