Best Christmas Sermons

Ready for Christmas? The best of our guest pastor sermons are available for your Christmas services. Prophecies concerning the coming Messiah, narratives of the Christmas story, practical ways to celebrate the Birth of Christ are all found in this series. Pastors featured are Andy Stanley, Levi Lusko, Steven Furtick, Francis Chan, Andy McQuitty, Jeff Jones, Roger Barrier, John McKinzie and other fine speakers. 

  • Do You See What I See?

    Grace really is, relationally speaking, it really is the unsettling solution for just about everything. Jesus was full of grace. He extended it to people who were nothing like him, and then he asked people like us, who are nothing like him, to extend it to people who are nothing like us, and who may not even like us. So let's do that. This ...more
  • The Journey Up to Bethlehem

    What’s on your mind this Christmas season? Perhaps your thoughts are dwelling on the stressful demands of your job, a struggling relationship, or some big changes that will come with the new year. With so many things begging for your attention this time of year, it’s easy to miss out on the significance of Christ’s coming. Pete Briscoe takes you ...more
  • How to Receive the Best Gift

    Most times the reason we don’t let go of worldly things is that we don’t seem to realize that there is something better and more important than what the world can offer. This sermon teaches the salvation message in a very straightforward and clear manner, using illustrations that help us grasp the concept of eternity and question our priorities in ...more
  • The Christmas Table: David and Mephibosheth

    King David had no reason to invite Saul's crippled grandson, Mephibosheth, to sit at his royal table. But David had made a covenant with Jonathan. Jesus has made a permanent place for us to sit at His table if we only humble ourselves, accept His invitation and sit down.  Preached at Fresh Life Chiurch. Used by permission. 
  • Holiday Survival Guide

    What does God want us to wear for the holidays? Forgiveness, acceptance, love and godliness. His clothes are pure and perfect. They never go out of style.  Preached at North Coast Church. Used by permission. 
  • Mary's Trek: Making God Your Shelter

    A unique look at Mary's difficult journey in conjunction with Psalm 121 from the Psalms of Ascents teaches us how we can overcome obstacles by going to God for refuge.
  • Scandal at Christmas: Jesus' Family Tree

    It's rather shocking to examine the history of Jesus' family tree- a lineage of prostitutes, scandal, adultery, murder, and idolatry-- but all to prove that it doesn't matter who you are; Christmas is for everyone. Fresh Life Church. Used by permission.
  • InstaChristmas

    In an instant...God spoke creation into existence. God began to prepare a plan to reconcile us back to Himself. But Christmas is free, but not cheap; fast, but not hurried; simple, but not shallow. It's His grace. Used by permission.
  • Random Christmas

    Perfect faith is to respond to the seemingly random events of life as if they are part of the perfect plan of God. We were created to look for purpose. Sometimes we find it, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we find it immediately, sometimes we find it eventually. At Christmas, we are reminded that life is not as random as it seems. There is a story ...more
  • O Come, Emmanuel

    God is above but He is not pushed up; He is beneath but He is not pressed down. He is outside but He is not excluded. He is inside but He is not confined.  God is above all things presiding beneath all things, sustaining outside all things embracing and inside all things filling. He said that is the imminence of God. God with us. God Most Nigh.  ...more
  • Who Wants to Experience Lavish Love This Christmas?

    We naturally drift towards isolation and a lack of intimacy, but Jesus’ incarnation proves his desire to share his heart with us, step into our seclusion, break us out of our shells and teach us how to love. Preached at Chase Oaks Church.    
  • Advent: God's Protection and Delight (Zephaniah)

    The Book of Zephaniah contains a wonderful and moving description of God's love. We don’t deserve God’s love, but He offers it to us in the gift of Jesus Christ. And nothing can keep us from the joy of the risen King. The Village Church. Used by permission.
  • Reconciling Christmas: Loving Your Loved Ones

    Reconciling with someone who has wronged us or wronged someone we love is not intuitive or comfortable. But sometimes it's necessary . . . for our sakes because resentment takes a toll, and for their sakes because they want to reconnect. Christmas is a time of reconciliation between God and sinners, but what about reconciliation between sinner and ...more
  • O Holy Night

    How can we honor the Lord on his Birthday according to the Bible?  In Philippians 2:5-7, Jesus came down to earth and made himself nothing, and became a servant.  How this Christmas can we serve others to truly worship the Lord? The Bible tells us that is we take care of the least of these (others in need), then we are taking care of Jesus.  ...more
  • Come to Worship: Bow Your Knees

    Kneel in pursuit of God's presence. Don't bow down to something else. Kneel in repentance. Jesus never turns away from a sinner with a repentant heart. Kneel in submission. You can kneel now or you can kneel later. Surrender! Preached at Used by permission of
  • Pursuing Shalom

    The Prince of Peace (Shar Shalom) declared that his mission was to restore shalom — to bring freedom to the prisoner, recovery of sight to the blind. And how did he carry out that mission? By surrendering his rights and making the ultimate sacrifice. Evil in our world demands sacrifice.  Preached at Irving Bible Church. Used by permission.
  • Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Wise Men

    Wise Men followed the star. They jumped for joy, and they came bringing gifts. Mary and Joseph needed a miracle and it was provided by someone that God sent from 1,000 miles away. Your gift is someone else's miracle. Step out in faith. Be obedient to God's vision. Celebrate more and give all you have to God and others. Preached at National ...more
  • Best Kid's Christmas Eve Service!

    Children swarm the stage as Francis Chan teaches about the Creator and His creation in a humorous, profound and engaging way. He teaches about the fullness of the God-man residing in Baby Jesus, and God's plan for Him to save us.  Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley. Used by permission.
  • Seasons: Weather the Winter

    The greatest seasons of faith in our lives don't occur when we're on the mountain top, when life is going as planned and God's favor is most tangible. In reality, it's when we're in our lowest valley. When we push against our natural inclination to lock the doors of our heart and wait for winter to pass. It's there where we learn to fight for our ...more
  • Caesar Augustus: Control Freak

    Whether you are a control freak like Augustus, panicking because your plans aren't coming together like you had hoped, or whether you are confused by life circumstances that don't make sense like Joseph and Mary, and things feel out of control, the antidote is the same: to yield to the reality that God is completely in control and is completely ...more
  • Not Just a Baby

    Who is the Christ Child? Paul in Philippians 2 teaches the amazing condescension of God coming in human form to die. Secondly, Isaiah teaches the baby would be Messiah, the Sent One of all of Israel. Finally, Psalm 110 shows the picture of Christ's return at his second coming.
  • That All the World Should Be Taxed (Money & Politics)

    The Kingdom of God sits above and judges the conservative and liberal orientations of men, because God is concerned about accomplishing His agenda, not mine or yours or anyone else. Preached at Irving Bible Church. Used by permission.
  • It's a Wonderful Life-What If Jesus Were Never Born?

    What changes in the world if you and I had never been born? What if Jesus had never come to earth? Isaiah 9 and Luke 4 tell us who Jesus is and who we are before Him. Such miraculous love God gave us! How we need peace on earth and good will toward men! Preached at Hope Fellowship Church, Frisco, Texas. Used by permission.
  • Silent Night

    Man's condition before Christ came was hopeless. Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God came to save mankind. Nicodemus, the curious Jewish leader, was told by Christ to be born again. The birth of Christ and the new birth are compared in this evangelistic message.
  • Releasing Anxiety: Peace on Earth, Peace in You

    Why shouldn’t we worry? Because if we knew the big picture like Jesus does, we’d realize that worry is not rational. God really has promised to take care of us, and worry does nothing good. It only brings bad. It changes nothing, except our stress level. All it can do is rob joy and peace. It can’t change the future—which is what we always worry ...more
  • Unrecognizable? Jesus the Baby

    Jesus was unrecognizable to his world because He had a simple birth to a poor family, a scary sojourn in a foreign land and a quiet upbringing in an obscure place. God knows what it's like to struggle because Jesus, His Son, did.
  • Elf: Reconcilation to Our Heavenly Father

    The Christmas classic, "Elf"is a perfect picture of reconciliation. God's love always allows us to choose. God is passionate to find you. God's will is that no one would be lost.
  • Receive the Gift of Hope This Christmas!

    Overflow with hope, the word overflow means to super-abound, to be filled to the brim, it would speak of a container that is filled where you can’t pick it up, you’ve got to lean over and take the first sip. This is our birthright as children of God and as followers of Christ. Hope is the belief that tomorrow is going to be better than today, and ...more
  • Unscrooge Your Christmas

    Why do we become tight-fisted during the holidays? The whole message of God is about generosity and grace. He showed unconditional grace to the laborers in the field, regardless of how long or how hard they worked. He showed unlimited forgiveness to the Prodigal Son who had left his father to live a profligate life.
  • The Gift: Why Jesus?

    We subconsciously feel like we need to bribe or blackmail God, that somehow for us to get what we want, we need to manipulate God into it.  We employ the same tactics. We are not as overt but if we really analyze our prayers lives, how many would fall into these two categories – God if You do this, we’ll do that; or – God if You don’t do this, we ...more
  • The Baby in My Womb Leapt for Joy!

    In this passage about Elizabeth's unborn child, John the Baptist, the word "baby" is used to describe Jesus while He was still in His mother's womb. What Luke is doing is treating this child in the womb as a person. He uses the word baby which he later uses for Jesus in the manger. He uses the word joy, which is what persons feel. He uses the ...more
  • Christ's Christmas Gift

    The psalmist writes of Israel's expectation of God's Messiah, and the preservation of God's plan who produced the incarnation of God's Son. 
  • What Child is This?

    The prophet Isaiah told Israel of a Messiah who was not only God, but He was their Prince of Peace and their Counselor. He walked in their shoes and was able to understand their deepest problems. We need a sympathetic Savior.
  • Mary's Two Questions

    Mary asked the angel two questions: Is this Jesus worth it, and can God do this? We ask the same questions every day. Is following God worth the sacrifice, and can we truly trust His supernatural power to accomplish His work?