Christ-Centered Marriage

Francis and Lisa Chan discuss God's Biblical model for marriage: intimacy with God and your spouse, submission and servanthood. The result is a picture of Christ's love for His bride, the church, powerfully displayed to the world.

  • Christ-Centered Relationships: Intimacy with God and Your Spouse

    Francis and Lisa Chan discuss how to have undivided devotion to God in a marriage and as a single person. A person who is not married has freedom and time to serve God in a unique way. Hindrances to devotion to God and ways that passion for God can be cultivated are discussed.
  • Christ-Centered Relationships: Submission and Servanthood

    The biblical concept of submission in a marriage relationship is applied as it models the relationship of Jesus and His bride, the church. Negative connotations of submission are dispelled, and the correlation between a humble and supportive attitude toward leaders are also discussed.
  • Marriage: The Picture of Christ and His Church

    Paul explains that this marriage and this union of a man and a woman coming together and becoming one flesh was just a picture of something far greater. It is the thought that God and his child would become one. This isn’t just about having a happy marriage so we can have a happy families.  We are involved in something much bigger here than ...more