Fearless: Gutsy Faith

We must face our fears head-on by trusting in God. What is there is not enough? What if I am afraid of death, failure or the future? God can teach us how to live gutsy lives.

  • Fearless Parenting: Instilling Values in Your Children

    Passing the torch is part of a parent's job description. Many things are better "caught" than "taught." Strong marriages teach your children how to love and feel secure. When parents express genuine interest in the world of their children by identifying their unique interests, gifts and abilities, they prepare their offspring for life.
  • Money: What If There Isn't Enough?

    Financial freedom starts with how we think. Money is not an accurate measure of God's favor. We mustn't equate net worth with self-worth. Money does not equal security. Get the facts. Save some. Share some today.
  • Fearless Daniel Thriving in Babylon

    Daniel lived fearlessly in the midst of the hostile, pagan Babylonian culture. Living a "gutsy" life doesn't mean we deny the reality of darkness and fear, but it does mean that we never lose our hope and confidence in God no matter what life throws at us.
  • Defying Failure and Rejection

    Mary and Martha both loved Jesus. But Martha worked hard for Jesus' approval, fearing failure and rejection. Am I working against God, apart from God or with God?
  • Beating Death: Just Be There!

    The tighter we hold onto life, the harder it will be to let go. The believer sees death as a graduation, not the end!
  • Skeletons in the Closet: Overcoming Your Past

    Refusing to deal with the past robs us of our future. We must face and accept the truth and receive grace instead of guilt. Our "skeletons" from the past can be Satan's greatest weapons or God's most powerful tools.
  • Facing Your Fears

    Strength and courage come from the choices we make more than the feelings we have. Joshua received God's blessing because He obeyed in he face of insurmountable odds.