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Francis Chan is Preach It, Teach It's most popular preacher. He motivates listeners around the globe, calling them to holiness and repentance. He is truly a prophet in our generation. Not only does Francis Chan teach about Christ, his integrity and lifestyle reflect total surrender and compassion for the world. Francis' messages, books and resources may be found on 

  • End Time Sins Are in the Church

    A time is coming to the church where "people will be lovers of self." Do you feel like this time has already come? The Bible says that in the end days we will become more and more evil, but how easy is that sin able to "creep" into the church. Be careful! It is already here, and more is coming! 
  • God is Strong in Us!

    This is God's universe and God does things His way. You may have a better way, but you don't have a universe. God commands us to be courageous because we are filled with His mighty Holy Spirit's power. Notes used by permission of
  • Addicted to Jesus

    God wants us to be addicted to Him. We can fall in love with doing good things, with resisting sin, with caring for the poor, with memorizing Scripture, but it's about falling in love with Jesus. Used by permission.
  • The Precious Gift You Cannot Buy

    Grace is almost incomprehensible to the human mind, because we believe we have something to offer God apart from Christ. Grace is free and cannot be earned or bought. Francis Chan discusses the joy and freedom that comes from receiving grace, a gift that compels us to live a life completely devoted to God.
  • Make Your Heavenly Father Proud (Philippians)

    Paul teaches in Philippians 2 that God's children are to be positive, not grumbling or doubting so that they shine like lights in the midst of a wicked, dark world. Christian's faith and peace should be contagious. Paul doesn't mind his suffering in jail if his spiritual children are ready for the return of Christ.   Preached at Cornerstone ...more
  • Beware of Good Liars

    False teachers are often hard to spot. They appear to be righteous, but pander lies of relativism, subjective morality, social gospel, and universalism. Christ wants us to base our beliefs and behaviors on the Word of God. 
  • A New Attitude Towards People

    Christ has created us to put off our old sinful natures and to become compassionate, kind, gentle, humble, grateful people. We must demonstrate patience toward others, because Jesus reigns in our lives. Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley. Used by permission.
  • How to Live in the Light of Eternity

    When we live in the light of eternity rather than "in the now," we will suffer. We will be rejected because of the message of Christ<a/>, we will have financial sacrifices to make for the Kingdom and we must live lives of radical obedience. When we live only in the present and past, we become depressed. But when we look toward the future life with ...more
  • Stand Strong when Faith Is Hard

    Could be God preparing us for the future, so that we are ready to share our faith in a post-Christian culture, under persecution? Or are we so complacent that we are consumer Christians, spoon-fed by our favorite preachers, paying someone else to lead others to Christ and disciple them? Whenever you are confused, and are seeking direction, just go ...more
  • God's Power Over Sickness and Death

    Francis Chan teaches this simple message on the prayer of faith and Jesus' power to heal. The concluding video of God's angelic protection is riveting. Don't miss it.
  • What Everyone Needs to Know About Demons

    Satan's tactics are subtle. He masquerades as an angel of light so that the things he tempts us with look beautiful. However the only good and perfect gifts come from God. As believers we need to stay away from all things of satan. If God dwells in us, there will be no room for demons or darkness.
  • When Satan Strikes the Church: Handling Moral Failure

    Pastor Francis Chan deals with the moral failure of a church leader in a wise, compassionate, godly fashion. Sin must be dealt with, but our focus in facing the issue of compromised morality in the church should be godly fear and self-examination rather than condemnation and arrogance.
  • Living a Life That Matters!

    Pastor Chan teaches that after the fall, God promises to restore the world to Himself. All of our lives should be lived in light of the new Heaven and Earth. 
  • Stop Stressing About Money!

    Francis Chan addresses greed in the lives of believers. He explains that while we live life it easy to be captured by money and things, missing out on our fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Francis also asks us to look at our lives as if God has loaned it to us, challenging us to use our life for something more than just making money and buying things. ...more
  • Rein in Your Wild Words: Worship God

    Be careful of your wild, impetuous words, because you are in God's presence. Christians are the temple of God. Don't rush into His presence, come before Him with reverence and awe. Posted on Used by permission of Francis Chan.
  • The Greatest Things in Life are Accidents

    Francis teaches on the importance of trusting in God to lead us towards what is best for us. Planning, while not always a bad thing, can be counterproductive if planning keeps us from depending on God. We have to be willing not to have our way, and be careful not to get so set in our plans that we don't leave room for God to have His way in us. Our ...more
  • Discovering Who I Am in God's Eyes

    We spend so much time trying to impress God that we forget He is crazy in love with us. Rest in His love and not in your works. The God of the Universe knew what He was making when He made you. Encourage each other in His return to bring you home. Enjoy His presence and the gift of His Son for you. Preached at Catalyst Conference, 2014. Used by ...more
  • Finish Strong: Caleb

    Caleb modeled radical faith into his later years. King Asa, in contrast, trusted in his allies rather than God. Instead of getting comfortable and complacent as we age, we should surrender more, release more, rely more upon God. Finish stronger than you started. Take risks and see how God comes through. The goal is to live "happily ever after" when ...more
  • What's So Great About Jesus?

    The Apostle Paul commended the Colossian believers for their faith, their love for the saints and their hope of heaven. Paul prayed for them to live a life worthy of the Lord, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. Many of us have such a limited view of the love and power of Jesus. When we expand our view of God, ...more
  • The Cure for a Wasted Life

    In this study of 1 Peter, Peter promises that we have everything we need for life and godliness. God wants to replace ordinary living for an extraordinary adventure with Him. As partakers of God's nature, we must supplement our faith with virtue. Preached at Passion 2014. Used by permission of Misty Page.
  • The Cost of Following Him-New Canaan Society

    The New Canaan Society's 2013 Conference features Francis Chan's message on "With Him: The Cost of Following Christ." Our commitment to Christ cannot be half hearted. We must read the Bible for ourselves and follow what it says no matter what the cost. Preached at New Canaan Society Conference, 2013. Used by permission of New Canaan Society.
  • Holy Anguish

    Churchgoers can listen to a sermon and never apply it. If they trusted Christ when they were young, they often trust that one-time decision to keep them out of hell with no life-change or fruit of the Spirit operating in their lives. Although we must live by grace through faith, God longs for us to be filled with the Spirit, repent and obey Him.  ...more
  • Just Do It!

    Francis Chan preaches at Passion Conference about the importance of reading the Word, discerning the lies caused by our own sinful desires to compromise and the power of literal obedience. He recounts powerful stories of God's Work in his own life when he took God at His word. Full sermon transcription included. Preached at Passion Conference ...more
  • Excuses and the Losers Who Make Them

    The Master held a great banquet. When he issued invitations, everyone made excuses not to come. Francis Chan talks about the importance of honoring God, entering His Throne Room, and placing Him first in your life. Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley. Full sermon transcription included.
  • If Jesus Were the Pastor of Your Church, You Probably Wouldn't Go

    The message of Jesus was hard. He demanded that His followers take up their cross, leave everything behind and follow Him. He didn't cultivate the crowds, He weeded them out by revealing the true condition of their hearts. Jesus would not be a popular pastor today. Would you join His church?
  • Peter the Hypocrite, Paul the Accuser (Grace from Galatians)

    Francis Chan teaches on Galatians 2:11-31 where the apostle Paul confronts Peter with the sin of hypocrisy. Peter separated himself from the Gentiles because they were uncircumcised and Paul reminded him that all men are saved by grace and not by Jewish laws. There can be no conditional love. We must freely receive the grace of God.
  • 24: God is in Control

    Francis Chan uses the television show "24" as an illustration to remind us that we must live for eternity. God is in control, and we must not be complacently. Many people believe that they are believers and yet show no fruit in the daily lives. We must enter the narrow gate and make Jesus our Lord! Preached at Bayside Church. Linked to YouTube. ...more
  • The Biggest Lie in Your Life

    No one wants their garbage revealed. You have this picture of this big God. Jesus said to the church at Sardis, "Recognize who I am, and that you are dead inside." All of my righteousness hides the truth: is it Christ I desire? I may be in love with the concept of God, but not God Himself. Pastor Chan explores the reasons we may lie to ourselves ...more
  • Let God Build Your House

    In Psalm 127, we are encouraged to allow God to "build our house," or build our lives. We can rest because He is in charge and nothing can be done apart from Him. The apostle Paul in Ephesians lists the blessings and power of God He offers us. We are rich beyond measure! Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley California. Used by ...more
  • Is This Really Church?

    One day we will know just how much God has blessed us. God has made us to be His hands and feet-to touch the hurting and feed the poor. We assume that to have a "real church" we must have a building, a sermon, a band, etc. But the Biblical characteristics of the church must go much deeper. Sharing the gospel honestly and openly means some will ...more
  • When God Doesn't Listen

    God is serious about our commitment to Him. Our prayers must be carefully crafted and come from an obedient heart and an expectant faith. Chan summarizes examples from Scripture where God shows His holiness by punishing sin. The flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah indicate His holy wrath. The judgment of Joshua upon the family of Achan ...more
  • Humble Before God's Greatness

    God's favorite posture is kneeling. Humility is the key to knowing God.Miriam, Moses' sister and Aaron, Moses' brother, questioned God's leadership. Miriam was punished by God and contracted leprosy. Although God healed her, she, like us, learned a powerful lesson in humility. We must never question God's choices, and submit to the authorities He ...more
  • Freedom Found in Faith

    Finding faith can transform us. Hebrews 11 teaches us that because we belong to Christ, we can have confidence with God that He will guide our lives, forgive our sins and act on our behalf. Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley California. Used by permission.
  • Why Giving Up is Not an Option!

    Francis Chan teaches that in order to live the Christian life you must follow Jesus and not give up. He will strengthen you to make the journey with Him. Though difficult, you will have the grace to follow him no matter how great the obstacles become. Finish the race!
  • Are You Trying Too Hard, or Trusting God's Grace?

    The Apostle Paul tells his story about how he turned from being proud and religious to being humble and trusting God for his salvation as a free gift. Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of his sin. Receiving God's love and blessing even if you don't deserve it is the meaning of grace. Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley California. ...more
  • I'm in Love: What Prayer is Really All About

    We often reduce prayer to a chore or transaction. Prayer is supposed to be the most natural expression of our love for God. Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, California. Used by permission.
  • On Fire for Jesus

    Some of you are holding on to something that is killing you. Some of you that are Christian have this sin that you are holding on to. You are not changing. It's just stuck there. It's almost like sometimes you have to wait until your lives hit rock bottom and you collapse before you will do something about it. Lukewarm Christianity is not ...more
  • Breaking Down the Wall of Shame-Psalm 32

    Francis Chan teaches on God's heart revealed through David's Psalm 32, a psalm of confession. This wall between us and God is either from a faulty understanding of forgiveness, or a faulty understanding of repentance. David understood this wall. He understood shame and embarrassment when he committed adultery and murder. He also understood what it ...more
  • Grounded in the Faith: Psalm 1

    In a marriage ceremony, you are saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with my spouse”. In baptism, you are saying “I want to be in union with God and spend the rest of my life with Him.” It’s God’s desire that you actually want Him.  The picture is of a tree constantly sucking up nourishment from the stream. Its roots are going deeper and ...more
  • Worship the Greatness of a Galactic God

    Stunning videos of the universe from the Hubble telescope confirm the picture of a giant incomprehensible God. How could we view ourselves as important when we see His majesty. The little children know how to praise Him. He is the God of great worth! Sermon preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley.
  • Psalm One: Walking Hand in Hand with God

    The godly person stays apart from worldly influences, reverences God supremely and feeds on His Word continually. He will weather any storms. from Cornerstone Church archives, Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, Califormia.
  • Gutsy Faith: Free at Last!

    We can stand in good conscience before God and others because of God’s grace. Regardless of viewpoints expressed in the Galatian church about circumcision, all believers in Christ receive God’s free gift. False teachers may not be discovered (the tares) until they are identified at the end of time, so we must not allow our freedom in Christ to be ...more
  • Cheetos and Treadmills: Grace to Become Who We Want to Be

    Christians are called to be surrendered to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and bring glory to Christ. We are no longer able to live according to what we want. Every day, every moment should be lived in the light of the Holy Spirit's filling and fruit. You can eat Cheetos (works of the flesh) and buy a treadmill (the fruit of the Spirit).
  • The Unexpected Thrill of Following Jesus

    Francis Chan teaches that complete obedience to the Bible and the Holy Spirit's leading produces unexpected joy in your life. Following Jesus half-way is not an option.
  • Deadbeat Dads? What a Man's Gotta Do! (Father's Day)

    Paul gives five commands to be a model Christian, husband and father. Be on your guard, stand firm in your faith. Be courageous. Be strong. Do everything in love.
  • The First and Last Command Jesus Ever Gave

    God speaks to His prophet, "Ezekiel, you will be like a person with a beautiful voice, that they love to hear but not obey the words. Do they do anything with the message? People will listen-he’s like a musician and attract a crowd but with no life-change. Jesus' first and last command was to put everything in our lives aside and make disciples. ...more
  • Here Comes Jesus: Are You Ready?

    Jesus may come at any moment. We should live with such urgency and purity that we will focus our lives in the light of that truth. Scoffers like Thomas Huxley say that religion restricts our sexual freedom. They believe that because they have not experienced God, He does not exist. However, that reasoning is faulty. Do we fail to believe in death ...more
  • Making Your Life Count for Christ

    How do you live your life in a way that's worthy of Jesus? What kind of spiritual service is "fruitful labor" for God? Why did Paul want to go to heaven so badly?
  • How to Leave a Church Well: Finish God's Message!

    The importance of leaving a church well is loving them deeply, hearing God's call and being sure you have spoken all God has given you to say to that body of Christ. The focus and intent of our lives is to live in the holy presence of the Almighty and to make communing with Him our consuming passion.
  • Falling Madly in Love with God

    Francis Chan teaches from Ephesians 3 about how the Holy Spirit alone can reveal to us the love of Jesus and how knowing that in a deep way will change our lives.
  • How Weird Do Christians Have to Be?

    Francis Chan discusses how Christians should be distinctive from those who don't know Christ by their holy, God-honoring behavior. But he also explains how we must relate effectively to those around us in showing Christ's love.
  • Safe in the Father's Hand: Galatians 4

    God's amazing love for us is not given because of what we deserve, He actually adopts us as His very own children when we give our lives to Christ. Francis Chan explores what being a precious "child of God" looks like and how we can be sure of our salvation.
  • My Own Resurrection

    Francis Chan gives his testimony of how God reignited the fire of love and dedication in his heart. We can learn how to "regain" our first love for Jesus as well!
  • Why Church? God's Purpose

    Peter's take on God's plan for the church includes how effectively it relates to the community, how genuine Christians are in loving and accepting others. Peter writes, "But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God's instruments to ...more
  • Is It Wrong to Be Like Oprah?

    Pastor Chan uses pop icon Oprah Winfrey to teach lessons from James 2 about how to treat people. Message begins at 23 mins. 15 seconds. Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, California. Used by permission.
  • Making Sense of Your Life

    Francis Chan speaks of his travels around the world and discovers what is truly important. We must live a life that makes sense. We must live in a manner worthy of the Gospel. If you were to weight the eternal value of your life, what would it be?
  • Falling Away: Rescue and Restoration

    What do you do when a member of your church body falls into sin? How do you help them, rescue them, and not fall into the same temptation yourself. Grace gently brings back to God the errant believer and helps him be restored to his church family. Christians must be holy, not soft on sin. Christians must be loving-with Christlike love.  ...more
  • Living Unpredictably

    The image of God on the earth should show in the lives of Christ's followers. Others should be surprised to see the love, forgiveness and spiritual power in our lives. Jesus said we are to be different-to "stand out."
  • Stop Working, Start Receiving: Grace

    "Paul warns the Galatian church not to disparage God's lavish gift of grace in the Salvation of Jesus Christ. To set aside such a gift and replace it with a system of works and self-effort that could never please God."
  • Living a Life of Sacrifice

    Our lives must be lived in complete surrender to Jesus, constantly from and eternal perspective. Our daily work and ministry will be fruitful as we obey Him. Even though heaven is better, we are here to further His Kingdom by all means. Live for eternity, serve today.
  • Psalm 100: Prayer and Praise

    The service begins with a video of the "Children's Hunger Fund" which received one million dollars from Cornerstone Church. The video is followed by a powerful message from Psalm 100. Focusing on God in nature, lifting Him up for His attributes and works is life-changing and increases our faith. We become grateful, energized Christians.
  • Christian Love that Defies Description

    The service begins with the baptism of a young girl who was supposed to be dead in the womb after a DNC. Instead, she survived and became a powerful testimony for Jesus. Human love is so different from Divine love. Divine love is undeserved, unconditional and eternal. A church community filled with God's love is completely committed to God and ...more
  • Lukewarm and Lovin' It

    The church at Laodecia was called lukewarm by Christ because they were apathetic, materialistic, and self-sufficient. We must not be satisfied with our spiritual condition. We must be humble and repentant-ready to meet the needs of the poor and needy in the world around us.
  • Brownie Points: Grace and Works

    We have received all things by the grace, the unmerited favor of God, but all our work is done in the light of that truth and in the strength of God’s power. If we are motivated by pride and fueled by self-effort, we will never realize the potential for abundant life that God has for us.
  • Empowered to Love and Restore

    Paul gives us a picture of loving restoration in Galatians 6:1-10. We must restore people who have fallen into sin by gently counseling them and bearing their burdens. As a community of believers, we are responsible for each other. Humility and compassion are keys when we share God's Word and restore others, and we must be careful not to fall  ...more
  • Erasing Hell

    Trying to explain God's thoughts on hell must be approached with humility-not with heartlessness, arrogance, or carelessness. People's eternal destiny is at stake. We must never put God's actions in submission to our reasoning, but earnestly study His Word, with prayer, fasting and an open heart. Message from Cornerstone Church 6/19/11. Used by ...more
  • Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love: My Journey

    Believe in the God of power. Cry out, He'll answer. Stay with God and stay in his presence? That’s what this verse is about—just gazing upon his beauty and spending those sweet moments with him. It takes so much faith to abide in Christ and to dwell in the house of the Lord. That is what people want to see when they come to church. They want to see ...more
  • Living with Jesus: Supernatural Companionship

    Watch out for the "dogs" who teach works instead of faith by grace alone. We must count everything as loss for the sake of Christ, and always boast in Him.
  • Be a Person of Integrity: Honesty

    Honesty is not something that can simply be taught in a sermon. It is revealed by the light of God's truth and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Only then are we able to see Satan's deception and repent to live lives of integrity.
  • Think Hard, Stay Humble: The Life of the Mind and the Peril of Pride

    True humility is not self-focused, but filled with thoughts of God and compassion for others. How can we build them up?  Do you want to brag about something? Brag about the fact that God knows you. Don't boast about how much you know. Boast about the fact that the God of the Universe knows your name. Preached at the Desiring God Conference, 2011. ...more
  • Spy the Lies: Recognize False Teaching

    There's a vast difference between legalism and holiness. There is also a great difference between asceticism and suffering. Colossians 2:16-23 talks about true spirituality and identifying its substitutes.
  • When Sin Looks More Enjoyable Than God

    Is temptation the work of God, Satan or self? God's free gift of salvation frees us to live pure lives in intimacy with God.
  • Fighting Hypocrisy Inside the Church

    We must have a God-centered, not man-centered theology. Therefore, it is our obligation to keep Christ's Bride, the Church, pure. If we do not judge and discipline perpetual sin inside the church, we lost the chance to be salt and light in the world.
  • James: Freed to Serve

    James teaches that being a servant of God is a joyful life. Great servants like Moses, Joshua and David are described. We are encouraged to serve God willingly and gladly.
  • Living a Life That Matters: Humbly Serve

    Christ modeled humility for us by laying aside His heavenly glory, living on earth and dying for our sins. There are several ways we can model His example in selflessly serving others. Another essential aspect of humility is humbling ourselves before God. The natural outgrowth of worshipping in God's presence is seeing the needs of others and ...more
  • Do As You're Told? A New Attitude Towards Authority

    Words like "submit" and "do as you are told" are foreign to our culture. But Jesus said that He did nothing on His own-only what His Father told Him to do and only what His Father told Him to say. We should follow His model to live in spiritual power.
  • Getting Real: What's in Your Closet?

    Psalm 51 is a great pattern for confession and repentance. After visiting a church in the midst of a great revival, Pastor Chan believes the key to revival and spiritual victory is to identify and confess the underlying sins and motives in your life. Do you have a core issue that is clouding your relationship with God?
  • How the Holy Spirit's Attributes Change Your Life

    The first part of the message deals with the passion and compassion a church should have. The second part of the message deals with the topic of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person, not a power, who intercedes for us according to the will of God. His attributes of holiness, comfort and conviction will transform the life of the believer. He ...more
  • The Most Important Lesson I Could Ever Teach

    The parting words of Peter were urgent pleas to seek the Lord in His Word and live life from an eternal perspective. Pastor Chan concurs and challenges us to study God's Word for ourselves and follow God's voice in our daily lives. Used by permission.
  • Living a Life That Matters: Stop Talking and Live for God

    This dynamic service features a newspaper reporter's observation of revival among the college students in their service. A powerful testimony of Clayton, an 18-year-old boy dying of leukemia, is preaching to his friends and fellow believers about life and death and following Christ. Pastor Chan preaches on true religion and prays with the ...more
  • What Do You Need in Order to Be Happy?

    Sermon begins with commissioning missionaries to Indonesia, followed by a teaching on complete surrender to Christ from Philippians 4. Voltaire once said, “God created man in his own image and now man is returning the favor.” We want to recreate God in the way we want to be. One author wrote, “The American church has created a middle-class Jesus.” ...more
  • Living With Joy

    What is the source of your joy? Why do you get anxious? God reveals through Paul His plan for inner peace and strength. WATCH CLAYTON'S STORY
  • Why Do People Hate Church?

    People who are searching for Christ are frustrated by feeling they have to keep a set of rules to please God. The concept of receiving unconditional love is foreign to them. The church needs to express grace and teach them about the free gift of salvation.
  • Reviving Our Hearts for Worship

    Coming into God's presence for worship requires us to humble ourselves, listen, and put away any uncleanness that can scar our lives. God's revelation of His holiness and glory will forever change us.
  • Living Courageously

    Living courageously means sharing Christ fearlessly. We bond together as co-workers as we reach the world for Christ. Church-goers are not to be consumers, but committed followers of Christ.
  • Is Suffering Optional?

    Suffering for the sake of Christ is not optional. If we truly follow Jesus, we will suffer as He did. Pastor Chan tours teaching on suffering from every New Testament book.  Preached at Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley. Used by permission.
  • Texting God or Going Deeper

    Take time to really listen to the people God places in your life. Take time to listen to God and get alone with Him and His Word. Only a personal connection between you and God can fill your heart. You only have a brief moment on earth-one chance to live this life well.
  • Beware of Good Liars, Part Two

    The backslider is described by Peter as corrupt, enslaved to evil. God commands us to live a life of freedom by surrendering to Him.