Judah Smith Conference Messages

Judah Smith is the voice of the next generation. His preaching is passionate, funny and has the pulse of the culture. His book Jesus Is____  has also become a bestseller. Before he took over as senior leader he was the youth pastor, and the subsequent growth has predominantly been among 20 and 30-somethings.



  • Jacob: When God Crossed His Arms (Grace)

    The series "Where Are They Now?" is concluded at Elevation Church with Judah Smith's message about the story of Jacob and his grandsons. Joseph brought his eldest son to receive the double portion of blessing as is customary for the firstborn offspring. Instead, Jacob crossed his arms and blessed the younger son, Ephraim, who didn't deserve the ...more
  • Does Perfect Love Exist?

    There is only one being created in the image of God, in all of creation, and that being is the human being, and that being is the object of God’s relentless obsession! He will not stop loving you. He can’t. In this instance, biblically, we have come to understand, God cannot help Himself. Can you believe it? How ridiculous is this love? How ...more
  • How to Know God is With You

    God is a "today" God. God is a "now" God. Don't get caught up in what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Enjoy God today. God is with you. God is for you, and God loves you. God never, ever wastes His love. He will always be enough for you. LifeChurch.tv provides free ministry resources to churches through http://open.church/. Visit ...more
  • Staying Strong in the Storm

    What do you do when storms crash around you? Stay in the boat, hold onto Jesus. When life becomes difficult, you deepen your roots in faith.  Watch the sermon "Planted Part Two: The Other Side"  LifeChurch.tv provides free ministry resources to churches through http://open.church/. Visit Open to download and use this message in your church or ...more