Mark Batterson, National Community Church

Mark Batterson serves as lead pastor of National Community Church ( in Washington, DC.  One church with several locations.  Mark has a heart to reach emerging generations. He is both a scholar and an innovator in the creation of his messages. Mark is a long-time contributor to Preach It, Teach It and addresses a huge variety of subjects. 

  • Why You Need the Power of the Holy Spirit

    Without the Holy Spirit, we’re ordinary in every way. With the Holy Spirit, all things all possible. His anointing is the X Factor—it helps us do what we do better than we can do it! Used by permission.
  • Joy! How to Have It and How to Keep It

    Joy is triumphant elation in the face of great loss. Joy is not getting what you want, it's appreciating what you already have. You are God's workmanship! Preached at National Community Church. Used by permission. 
  • God in the Hands of Angry People

    In the beginning, God created humankind in His image. We have been creating God in our image ever since. But what you end up with is a god who looks a lot like us! That’s the God we’re dismantling in this series so we can discover the true God, the God of the Bible. And that God might surprise you. Preached at National Community Church. Used by ...more
  • What Should Be Our Bravest Prayer?

    God's name, YAHWEH, is spoken without the vowels. In fact, when a Jew spoke the Hebrew words, it was a whisper-a breath. God gave us our first breath and we will breathe His name as our last breath. Even a child like Samuel heard Him speak. God gave him a prophetic voice, but first He gave Samuel a prophetic ear.  Preached at National Community ...more
  • Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God

    Elijah called fire down from heaven. But in a moment of weakness, he doubted God and lost his way. How did God speak to him, and how does He speak to you? In a whisper... Preached at National Community Church. Used by permission.
  • Holidazed? Mary's Step into the Unknown

    A sovereign God governs the affairs of men. He is still seated on His throne. Are you holidazed, confused, frustrated? Things have happened this year that perhaps will never be explained. But God like Mary, help us to make a decision to put our full trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. In our heart we plan our course but there is a God who orders our ...more
  • Sheltered: Peace in Your Storms

    Sometimes it is the troubles of life that get you exactly where God wants you to go. They are so scary when you are right in the middle of them. They toss you and turn you. But when your storm passes, there is an ability to anchor in a way that you have not before. Here is what Jesus says to you, "Peace, be still." You will be stronger after your ...more
  • The Secret to Self-Control

    The secret to self-control is to make decisions against your ego, flesh and second bests in life. Establish goals. An absence of goals is an absence of faith. Establish boundaries and routines. Self-control, a fruit of the Holy Spirit, keeps our hearts pure.  Preached at National Community Church. Used by permission.
  • The Grave Robber

    The miracle of Lazarus' resurrection doesn't just foreshadow the resurrection of Christ, it foreshadows yours! When we sin, our soul is wrapped in grave clothes. Sin buries us alive. Sin makes a mummy out of us and if we keep sinning, it will weigh us down like 100 pounds of grave clothes. But Jesus is calling you out to resurrection life!  ...more
  • The Mark of Cain

    What do we learn from Cain? Don't play the comparison game. Jealousy and pride will kill you. Pray for the people you want to kill. Love someone you don't like. Unconfessed sin equals unresolved anger. Preached at National Community Church. Used by permission.
  • Fret Not: Psalm 37

    Psalm 37 teaches us to enjoy God, to trust He will give us right desires. We don't need to be anxious. Just walk in faith and do good. Preached at National Community Church. Used by permission.
  • Psalm 145: Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

    "Bless" is the most frequently used word in the Old Testament. Don't fail to bless God and honor Him. To fail to bless Him is to rob Him of His glory. As you inhale the Word of God, His Spirit will exhale through you. God's Word will reveal His blessings in a new way. Used by permission.
  • Sin Scars: Adultery

    How do you experience healing for the shame wounds in your life? Confess your sin. change your lifestyle. God believes in you. Don't be afraid to pray simple, honest prayers. Preached at National Community Church,
  • Stop Fighting, Start Encouraging!

    Nothing is more difficult to tame than the tongue, but this message will teach you how to listen longer, brag differently, criticize wisely and encourage more.
  • Spur One Another On to Good Works!

    When you are dealing with someone, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Differentiate between the Holy Spirit's revelation and your manipulation. Don't ignore red flags. Don't internalize, verbalize. And finally, don't give up meeting together in the Body of Christ. Community is where growth occurs. Preached at National Community Church. Used by ...more
  • War in the Heavenlies! Daniel's Prevailing Prayer

    There’s a genesis moment when we begin to pray, then we need to keep praying and believe that God is contending for us if it is in the will of God and for the glory of God. We have the Holy Spirit interceding and we have the Son of God interceding and then we must just keep on praying. Finally, I believe that there is a breakthrough. We’ve got to ...more
  • Pray Like You Mean It! Desperate Prayers for Desperate Times

    In a sermon inspired by The Circle Maker, Pastor Batterson teaches about the desperate prayer in Luke 11. Desperate prayers mean you are going to pray and pray through until you know God's answer. God's reputation is on the line, not yours. Establish an objective, and make a commitment. Fast as part of your prayer life.  ...more
  • Slay the Dragon: The God Of "Me"

    We all fight the three-headed dragon: the god of Me, Mine and More. In 1 Peter 5, Paul teaches us how to be humble and place Christ first in our lives. Pride doesn’t allow us to try new things because we might fail. Pride doesn’t allow you to experience new things because what if we look foolish or silly because we’ve never done it before. God ...more
  • Politics: The Elephant in the Room

    Five principles should be considered when approaching the topic of Christianity and politics: blood is thicker than water, our Kingdom is spiritual, don't pass judgment on disputable matters, if you don't vote, don't complain and respect those in authority.
  • Altars of Thanksgiving

    Altars are markers that remind us of God's work in our lives. Four altars we can construct are for remembering God's revelations, for remembering decisions we have made, for giving thanks and for remembering dreams of what God is going to do.
  • Parenting 101

    Being a good parent begins by loving God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength. Listen for God's voice to guide children need to hear you pray. Make bedtime a sacred opportunity. Model a pure Christian life. Place scripture reminders around your home.
  • Balaam and His Talking Donkey

    The miracle of the talking donkey is about obedience to Christ. When Balaam refused to listen to God's commands, God used a donkey to prevent him from blessing God's enemies. Sometimes God's most amazing miracles are simply getting in the way of where we want to go. They feel like detours and we get frustrated. But God uses them to not just ...more
  • Between the Egyptian Army and the Red Sea

    The Israelites didn’t want to be facing the Red Sea with the Egyptian Army breathing down their necks. They thought God made a mistake. But it’s because we are totally focused on our problems, we think that God’s ultimate objective is our comfort! That’s how many of us operate, myself included. But that’s not how He operates, He wants to reveal his ...more
  • Heresy: Discern Between Truth and Error

    Self-examination is a lost spiritual art. This message will help you learn to discern and make sure you are "in the faith." Preached at National Community Church. Please wait for video to load.
  • Nehemiah: A Legendary Leader

    Nehemiah, the king's waiter turned national leader, mobilized the Jews and rebuilt the walls around Jerusalem. He was a leader of power, passion, and limitless faith. We can also be involved in leadership and ministry as well.
  • Show Me The Fruit!

    When it comes to measuring spiritual maturity, it's about the fruit of the Spirit. If you plant yourself in the right place and let your roots grow deep, your impact will exceed your expectations. Preached at National Community Church. Used by permission.
  • Overcoming Loneliness, Negativity and Greed

    The apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Philippians from a dark prison cell in Rome. We learn much about inner joy and contentment from his story.The prisons of loneliness, negativity and greed each have unique ways of trapping us. We have been granted three strategies to combat them: relationships, prayer and generosity.
  • The Irrationality of Unforgiveness

    God's forgiveness of us is contingent upon our forgiveness of others. If we don't forgive others, we put ourselves in a spiritual prison. The only way to be set free is to forgive.