Raised to Leave

"Parenting and Family" is where we all share a common connection. Each of us has a different story, but whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc., we're all invested in wanting to contribute to a 'healthy' family. There are many dynamics that go into parenting and family. This 3 week series seeks to examine some biblical principles for investing spiritually in the next generation, growing relational connection with your children at any age, what the Bible has to say about discipline and instruction and how to manage the 'hats' that all parents have to wear. We desire to raise fantastic kids up into incredible adults. We're given a window of time - we ALL can contribute - as we seek to prepare them: Raised to Leave...

  • Kids Raised to Leave: Make a Great Handoff!

    As parents, grandparents, extended family and friends we're given a calling to hand-off the faith to the next generation. A faith that isn't merely externalized and covering over a life, but has the chance to become internalized - a faith in Christ that is alive, active and relationally shaping our kids to be all that God desires them to be. Create ...more
  • Mommy and Daddy, Who Am I?

    Parents have the calling to help the next generation discover their identity and unique gifts from God. It's also helping our children learn how to own their own struggles/problems enabling them to mature into healthy adults. YouVersion Notes HERE.
  • Raised to Leave

    Pastor Glenn Barteau and his wife Angie share some practical wisdom on how to help our kids navigate their 'will' and train it. As parents we can help our children understand their choices as they grow. Simple obedience progresses to internalizing principles that guide their will and choices. There is a difference between punishment and ...more