Romans Revealed: Transforming Truth

Romans is not just a doctrinal essay. Paul describes how our relationship with God can be transformed by experiencing the truth of the gospel. View portraits of humanity etched from God's pen.

  • It Doesn't Get Any Simpler

    The simple message of the cross is a stumbling block to nonbelievers. The formula for a divine transaction is found in Romans 4: faith plus nothing equals the righteousness of God. What God simplifies, man complicates.
  • Why We Never Have to Sin Again

    Four great discoveries are revealed in Romans 6. We have evil natures and have committed sins against a Holy God. While we desire to do well, we always struggle with wrongdoing. Jesus provides victory over sinful behavior.
  • The Exchanged Life

    We don't want the changed life, we want the exchanged life. For this God has given us His Holy Spirit. The Christian life becomes practical through the life and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Condemnation is dispelled. God's grace is assured.
  • Grounded in Love

    Who shall separate us from God's love? Not God. He already has too much invested in us. Not others. God has already sealed His decision in concrete. Not Jesus. He is praying for us! We are locked into God's love securely. Forever.
  • Longing for the New Heaven and Earth (Romans)

    God has the power to fix the world, and He does care about the suffering. He is working out an eternal plan to redeem and restore it all. Genesis describes how sin entered the world and corrupted it. Revelation describes how God will reestablish it all back. Over and over the Bible links two things which we would usually not link together—“hurts” ...more
  • Laying It All On The Line

    Translating beliefs into our lifestyle and relationships hinges dramatically on Romans 12. When we see God’s mercy, it causes us to respond to temptation in surrender and worship. Once and for all we decide that we belong to the Lord to glorify Him. 
  • Tough Love: God's Kindness Leads to Change

    Paul gives us a glimpse of man from God's perspective. Without Christ, mankind is misguided, wounded and marred by sin. Suppressing the truth invites God's tough love. Embracing the truth invites the full grace and righteousness of God. Our requirement is a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Settling Food Fights

    Living a grace-filled life calls us to refrain from judgment and to live with a clear conscience. Replace legalism or hedonism with a focus on the basics.
  • Jump for Joy

    In Romans 1, Paul considers the most important qualification on his Roman resume to be "a servant of Jesus Christ." It’s time to let go--to make that leap of faith. It’s time to jump!
  • Beloved Saints

    When we set our affections on Christ, we mature in spiritual matters. Our worldly fascinations fade away as we see grace operating in two realms -- salvation and daily living. God's grace is sufficient even when we face sickness, death, divorce, unemployment or a broken heart. God's strong, specific, sustaining power is there for us just when we ...more
  • World-Renowned Faith

    Faith is the hallmark of believers, the foundation for who we are and what we do. Faith spills over from our lives into the presence of people around us. With Jesus as the object of our faith, we can exercise saving faith, maturing faith, conspicuous faith and the spiritual gift of faith.
  • The Jesus News

    Paul was chased out of Thessalonica, called foolish in Corinth and laughed out of Athens. The essence of Christian living is to abandon the life we would choose for ourselves and to live according to the Savior's passions. With this spiritual maturity comes the constant desire to reach and love the unsaved. We are all called to broadcast the Jesus ...more
  • God's Will and Grace

    When we run away from God, we are actually being pulled downhill by the law of moral gravity. Man's apostasy results in sexual impurity, unnatural sexual behaviors and depraved minds. The abyss of our decaying culture cannot compare to the love of God who sent his Son to suffer for these sins. As believers, we are also called to love and to ...more
  • Duffle Bag Religion

    Duffle bag religion is a collection of good works that prevents the pursuit of an authentic relationship with God. Paul warns us that we pride ourselves on wearing our pedigrees and miss the cloak of compassion. We fancy our reputations over our integrity and smugness over vulnerability. It is all about seeking God Himself, not just the blessings.  ...more
  • Even Good People Have No Excuse

    Christ died on the cross so that we could settle our sins before Judgment Day. When we die, our choice is sealed for eternity. God uses seven criteria to judge unbelievers: by His truth, according to His kindness, according to one's accumulated guilt, one's deeds compared to Christ's, without favoritism, divine revelation and one's innermost ...more
  • Turning from the Dark Side

    The New Testament concept of sin is defined in five ways: missing the mark, stepping across a line, slipping, rebelling or failing to pay a debt. We need to turn toward the light -- Jesus Christ. He longs to restore us from the dark side.
  • Finding Foundations for Contentment and Joy

    Paul learns contentment in a Philippian jail. The apostle encourages us to rejoice in three things: the hope of glory in heaven, our sufferings and our intimacy with God in Christ. The strength to rejoice comes from God, even in our most dire or mundane circumstances.
  • Post-Salvation Blues

    Although the Law is given for guidance and the revelation of sin, in Christ we are resurrected to the new law of love. If we love the Lord and others, what we believe and how we behave will lead us into deeper heavenly and earthly relationships. Jesus rescues us from the bondage of the Law so that we can live a better, more resurrected life.
  • The Joy of Our Salvation

    Grasp the depth and beauty of Christ's selfless love. Recognize that placing faith in good works, religious pursuits, false faiths and self-righteousness is fruitless. The essence of our faith is more important than the size of our faith. If we cultivate our souls, we can live with great joy now.
  • How Does God Love Me?

    How much does God love us? Let us count the ways. God knows us intimately before we are born. He predestines us to be conformed to His image. He calls us to enter into His eternal plan. We are forgiven, cleansed, loved, accepted and wanted. How great is His love!
  • Passion for Glory

    Paul's heart breaks for his family and friends who are in danger of missing out on God's glory. Evangelism is God's way for people to know about His plan of salvation. Like Paul, our love for others instills in us an urgency to tell them about Jesus. We can get started by building relationships with lost people and providing resources for their ...more
  • It's Not About Me

    Most people are content living in a box of self-righteous legalism. Gray areas like drinking, entertainment and celebrations create a clamor of opinions. Instead of laying down rules, Paul asks us to consider this: How do we treat others in disputable issues? What is best for the Kingdom? It's not about us.
  • Ladies First

    Our assumptions about Paul's view of women in ministry are surprisingly challenged in Romans 16. God’s desire is for men and women to be restored to their equal standing before the fall of Adam and Eve. Churches can increase their effectiveness when women are allowed to lead and minister as God originally intended.